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Friday, 12 December 2014

Crayon Art

Hi everyone!

You have all probably seen the crayon art that most people do.
But I decided to do it a slightly different way, I held the crayons slightly above the paper and melted them with the hair dryer until the air from it splattered melted crayon across the page.

What I used:
Crayola crayons (thin)
Hair dryer (use an old one)
Water Colour Paper
Plastic sheets

So on the first try I was just experimenting on what works and what doesn't.
I tried it with the thick crayons, but they don't melt as well and don't really splatter.
The wax sticks in the photo here I didn't use to melt but you can draw an image onto the water colour paper and then use melted crayon over the top.

Start off with something to protect your table with. I have used plastic table covers for this. Lay out your paper and stick it to the table with masking tape.

Turn the hair dryer on its hottest setting and hold it close to the tip of the crayon. It will start to melt soon after this. Position the hair dryer so that the crayon sprays where you want it to go.

Repeat this step with as many colours as you like. I use about 3 colours on each painting so it doesn't clash too much and doesn't look overly crowded.
Once you have been melting them for a while you will see it's becoming skinnier and when I was doing this I found out that the thinner it gets the more it sprays. So if you don't want it to spray a lot don't use the one crayon too much
This is just another example of  what it can look
like. I have used the colours , yellow and orange.
The order that you put the colours on does affect
the way it looks. Darker colours should probably
go on last, but thats your choice.

I hope you enjoy!!!

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